Audit and Assurance

Never ever has the economy been marked by such a huge dynamic and by so many uncertainties. The importance of a correct, transparent and sustainable-oriented accounting and a functioning risk management moves more and more into the focus.

The requirements for the audits of single financials statements and group financial statements and for the risk management have increased accordingly. The point is the increasing transparency – especially in view of the risks and perspectives.

Audit is more than the mere execution of a mandatory statutory audit with an audit opinion. I follow a risk and process-oriented audit approach which exceeds the statutory audit. My audit is individually tailored to the client and his business. Beyond the statutory audit my audit uncovers risks, but also discloses potentials.

A high service and quality standard is a requirement for a client engagement which is marked by mutual confidence.

A good and efficient cooperation is marked by the following attributes:

  • Efficient audit process;
  • Active communication;
  • Understanding of the client environment;
  • Adherence to delivery dates and schedules.

Overview of my services

  • Audit of single financial statements;
  • Audit of group financial statements, also as component auditor;
  • Limited review;
  • Audit-related advisory;
  • International accounting;
  • Audit and first level control of funds and grants.