Tax advice

The tax law is subject to a high complexity and an increasing dynamic caused by permanent changes. Instead of a simplification which has been announced a few times the legal uncertainty has increased and the challenge to keep up with constant new regulations and current court decisions is growing.

My objective is nonetheless to assist you so that you tax burden is individually optimised based on your personal circumstances and business perspectives and in view of the appropriate assessment of the current tax regulations.

I will develop individually tailored and manageable solutions for the optimised composition of your tax affairs within the opportunities offered by the tax regulations. This composition has an immediate effect on your financial position. Therefore, I understand myself as your partner and assist you with a tax composition which sustains your business and financial position.

Overview of my services

  • Preparation of tax returns;
  • Advice concerning the composition and tax planning in national and international taxation;
  • Advice concerning the implementation and the optimisation of company structures;
  • Comparison of tax charges and assessment of the company’s legal structure from a tax point of view;
  • Conduct of special tax measures in order to optimise the tax burden of the company or private individuals;
  • Assistance in tax audits;
  • Advice in appeal proceedings;
  • Advice in criminal tax proceedings (tax evasion);
  • Representation of clients at lower tax courts and at the Federal Tax Court.