The fees for my services are invoiced on an hourly basis and depend on the extent and complexity of the issue. Services which do not include the preparation of the annual tax return may be subject to a lump-sum fee.

Services for the preparation of tax returns and tax advice are subject to the German Tax Preparer’s Schedule (Steuerberatervergütungsverordnung – StBVV). This schedule defines for each service (i.e. accounting and tax returns) separate fees. The fees are based on the amount involved (i.e. sales or income) and takes into account the intensity of the work performed, the degree of difficulty and the time spent of the service. According to experience, simple tax returns for private individuals with a medium income cost approximately 350 EUR to 750 EUR plus VAT.

The selection and extent of my services will be determined in accordance with your needs as well as your collaboration and preparation if desired are discussed in a personal discussion so that a good and individual cost/benefit ratio can be achieved.