Audit and Control of Funds and Grants

Research and innovation in small and medium-sized businesses and improvement of the regional economic structure

Research and innovation are the motor of the economy. In 2010, the public and private expenses for research and innovation increased to a new peak of approx. 70 billion EUR totalling 2.82 per cent of the gross domestic product. 46.9 billion EUR was provided by free enterprises and 12.8 EUR was provided by the government. At the European level, the 7th Framework programme for research lasting from 2007 until 2013 had a budget of 54 billion EUR. The new programme for research and innovation “Horizon 2020” which lasts from 2014 until 2020 has a budget of 70 billion EUR. The German government attaches a high importance to research and innovation and has installed different programmes to support research projects. Finally, it is possible to receive funds from a totally different source: the considerably forced assistance of small and medium-sized companies.

The development and structural alignment of the regional economies has an importance besides the research and innovation. At the European level, the EU has installed the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and the European Social Funds (ESF). Furthermore, other programmes have been installed at federal and at the level of the Bundesländer. The objective of these programmes is to strengthen competitiveness and innovation, to create sustainable jobs and to ensure a sustainable development.

Often a partner is needed who keeps track and has a good knowledge of the legal and regulatory basic conditions and who is able to assist you with her expertise in budgeting, accounting and application.

Auditor for many years

I have been active in compliance audits and first level controls of grants since 1994. Besides the audit of EU projects within the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programme for Research I have taken part in the validation of INTERREG projects of the ERDF programme as well as projects of the European Social Funds (ESF). Furthermore, I have validated disposition of funds of programmes initiated by the federal government of Germany and the Bundesländer. Due to my long-time experience I have acquired a good knowledge of the legal framework, the structures and the working method of the funding agencies and the so called intervention mechanisms.

My clients are funding agencies, i.e. governments, ministries, as well as beneficiaries, i.e. research institutions as well as small and medium-sized companies.

Overview of my services

  • Assistance in the planning, budgeting incl. a cost-benefit analysis connected to the funding, application procedure and reporting of funds;
  • Assistance in the proper disclosure and accounting of funds and the preparation of information on the disposition of funds;
  • Conduct of trainings on the most frequent errors in the accounting of funds;
  • Compliance audit of the disposition of funds and issuance of a certification on the proper disposition of funds in accordance with regulations determined by the funding agency.

Your advantages

  • Assurance and confidence that the project accounting for projects funded by the EU, the German government as well as the Bundesländer do not contain any material repayment risks anymore;
  • Professional reporting and high quality of my service;
  • Considerable experience in the audit of the disposition of funds with the corresponding knowledge.