There are good reasons to assign the accounting to an external service provider. My clients for instance want to increase the efficiency or the quality, to reduce costs or to relieve the finance department from operative functions. Often a sparring partner is desired to assist in the compilation of financial statements.

I offer assistance in my core business of accounting so that you are able to concentrate on your core business. My range of services lasts from the assistance during the formation of your company, the complete accounting to the compilation of financial statements. I am not only proficient in the specifics of the German and international accounting regulations but I am also familiar with the expectations of foreign investors.

The requirements of the administration tasks in a company are increasing constantly. Therefore, companies are compelled to become more efficient, economically advantageous and flexible in their administration too for resisting competition.

I am in charge of the whole financial accounting and the cost accounting – customised according to the individual wishes and requirements of my clients. Employees with a high level of experience are in charge of these tasks and execute their work in due time on a reliable basis. These employees have continuous trainings to keep up to date with the newest developments in the accounting regulations.

The accounting is performed using the standard software of the leading software provider DATEV. The permanent development of this software guarantees the compliance with legal requirements for accounting and tax purposes.

Another alternative is that you enter the accounting data yourself and I take over the digital administration of the receipts and reports. The implementation of the accounting at your business premises and the assistance by experienced employees is possible at any time.

Overview of my services for financial accounting

  • Preparation of journal entries relating to the documents presented to us;
  • Debtor and creditor accounting;
  • Preparation and submission of VAT advance returns;
  • Cost accounting;
  • Preparation of reports;
  • Preparation of management reports with diagrams;
  • Asset accounting;
  • Compilation of monthly and quarterly financial statements.

I will assist you with your financial accounting by

  • Implementation of the financial accounting, the asset accounting and the cost accounting;
  • Planning and organisation of the accounting procedures;
  • Assistance with qualified staff in case of shortfalls;
  • Recommendation for the selection and Implementation of software programmes.

Legal requirements define for which periods and to which extent companies have to disclose their financial situation and have to compile single and group financial statements. I am able to offer competent assistance in the efficient compilation of your single and group financial statements independently from the organization you have installed for your accounting.

The compilation of the single or group financial statements is performed in accordance with one of the alternatives with the IDW standard n° 7 according to the requirements of the client: without assessment, with a plausibility assessment or with an extensive assessment.

Overview of my services

  • Compilation of single or group financial statements in accordance with German GAAP (HGB), IFRS or other country-specific accounting regulations (US GAAP or UK GAAP);
  • Preparation of the notes to the single or group financial statements;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the management report to the single or group financial statements;
  • Written compilation report to the single or group financial statements;
  • Compilation of interim financial statements.